Twitter Offers And What They Mean For Your Business

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Finding the ROI in social media is a difficult task, one that marketers and small business owners are constantly trying to figure out. Is the time invested worth it, or would your budget be better allocated to running ads? As social networks like Facebook try to push businesses away from getting organic traffic (and having instead to pay for promoted content), it’s no surprise that other social networks are finding ways for businesses to spend money and see a bang for their buck.

Enter Twitter Offers. The idea of spending money on Twitter and having a “sponsored tweet” has been around for awhile, but not in a way that actively promoted clicks. To get people more engaged with paid content in their Twitter feed, Twitter is launching a new feature that will let your small business directly impact sales by offering users digital coupons that they can take advantage of. It works by having the Twitter user sync up their credit or debit card to Twitter, and when they “claim” an offer, they’ll spend the money at your business and then get some sort of perk or discount, such as $1 off the price of the item they were buying. Think of it as being somewhat similar to Groupon or other daily deal sites, in that the user is “claiming” an offer and getting a small discount for buying from you on Twitter.

The screenshot below shows what this new feature will look like:


Twitter Offers Seafoam Media blog

Could Twitter Offers be worth it for your business?

Like any new trend, the most important element in Twitter Offers are your customers: will they voluntarily sync up their credit card to use this new service? If it gains traction, this could be a worthwhile opportunity to push your products or services out to a large audience of mobile users, many of whom enjoy catching deals at the push of a button.

As of this writing, Twitter Offers is only being tested with a handful of brands, and may be expanded if it takes off in the future. Would you use this service for your small business if it were available now?

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