Traditional Marketing Skills Verses Digital Marketing Skills and Talents

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There are a number of different ways I can show you a video.

Movie Theater… VHS… DVD… Downloaded Video… Streaming Video…

There are a number of different ways I can do direct marketing.

Broadcast Faxing… Direct Mail… Telemarketing… Email Marketing… Mobile…

And the list goes on, of course.

If someone tells you they’re an expert in something, question their process.

All mediums are not created equally and should not be treated as such.

Similarly, although a full service marketing agency may be able to make your company’s website or perform your SEO maintenance, how truly skilled are they in the technical components of these services?

If a company offers 40 different services, they’re a jack of all trades but a master of none.

Make sure you hire a company who knows what you need and how to implement it with a high level of expertise.