Top 5 Things You Need to Focus on After Your Website Launches

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Your website is like a person… You may look great after having trained for a half marathon and lost 40 pounds but if you totally forget about a healthy diet and plenty of exercise, you’ll be right back where you started.

What does that mean for your website?

You may have a gorgeous new site showing off your business, but if you neglect it, it won’t take long for you to fall behind.  You’ll stop getting results pretty quickly if you forget about your web presence.

So what should you be thinking about and focusing on after your new site launches?

1. Search Engine Optimization & Conversion

Your site should be monitored on a regular basis for how it’s performing in searches, what percentage of users are being converted, what keywords you should be targeting, and how your current strategy is playing out.

2. Content Creation

You should be constantly updating your website with new content (whether this be on a blog or on other pages of the site).

In addition, your content should always be up to date.

3. Social Media

If social media isn’t on your radar, you need to rethink your digital strategy.  Every business should be utilizing social networks in their own unique way to help with brand awareness, customer loyalty, and outreach.

4. Technology Updates

Everyone knows technology changes frequently, but sometimes people forget that websites (and applications, social media, etc.) are all built using different types of technology.

As such, you need to constantly be aware of programming language updates, better frameworks and software, faster ways to implement functionality (like AJAX), and more secure approaches to development.

5. Brand Unity

It’s easy to let your brand get away from you as the weeks, months, and years go by.  In the months and years after your site goes live, though, you need to be sure your company’s message, colors, persona, and purpose are always in tact across the board and that onlookers can always tell where you are and what you’re trying to tell them.