The Risks Of Real-Time Marketing

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The Risks Of Real-Time MarketingYou’ve probably seen several companies make a big splash with their social media accounts thanks to a timely and creative Tweet or post during a major event. Oreo capitalized on the power outage during the Super Bowl and other brands have generated buzz thanks to their posts during other sporting events and live shows. While these successes may have caught your attention, it’s important to remember there’s a lot of risk associated with real-time marketing.
Digiday took a look at this very phenomenon. Real-time marketing can be a powerful and useful strategy for your business, but it’s also one that can harm brand image if not used responsibly. It’s easy to remember the clever attempts which took off, but don’t forget about all of the Tweets and posts you’ve seen which made you cringe. Unless the post is noteworthy or especially funny, real-time updates are either overlooked or mocked.
Be cautious with real-time marketing. Make sure you understand the pros and cons of promoting your business during live events. The benefits are tantalizing, but it’s easy to become too focused on the present and not focused enough on long-term benefits for your brand. While you’re rallying your brand around live events, you might be forgetting your overall strategy.
Avoid the mentality of the crowd. If you want to participate in real-time marketing, do so with caution. You may be better off keeping your attention on long-term goals as opposed to temporary, yet brief gains. If you’re looking for additional expert advice about your social media or marketing strategies, contact Seafoam Media.

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