Teens and Young Adults are Moving from Facebook to YouTube

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Where Are Younger Demographics Hanging Out Online?Young adults and teens are a prized demographic for most businesses. If you’re able to get a consumer’s attention at a young age, there’s an opportunity to gain a customer for life. How should a company target teens and young adults? The answer to that question starts with knowing where to find them online. There’s a constant battle to understand and predict where the demographic spends there time online and where they’ll go next.
Over the last few years teens have spent the bulk of their online time on Facebook. As a result, businesses of all different sizes have flocked to Facebook and have spent an incredible amount of money on Facebook ads. A study from Digital Trends reveals that Facebook is still extremely popular and remains the top site for those between the ages of 12 and 29, but teens are shifting over from Facebook to YouTube.
The survey asked teenagers to list their five favorite sites. Teens listed YouTube as their most favorite site with Facebook coming in second. Twitter trailed behind the pack, checking in at the fifth position behind YouTube, Facebook, Amazon and Google.
Small businesses should keep a close eye on this information. While it’s still worthwhile to market your business to younger generations on Facebook, the findings indicate that you should be placing a big emphasis on YouTube. This may mean that your company should be developing video content in order to appeal to younger audiences. It may mean that you need to boost your pay-per-click strategies.
If you’re interested in updating your online marketing strategy based on the shifts in social media usage, give Seafoam Media an email, a call or a smoke signal. We keep a close eye on the trends in social media and we’ll design a strategy for the platform which will serve your company the best.

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