Zach LaidlawBrand Manager

Who am I?

I am the Brand Manager at Seafoam Media. In my role, I am responsible for building, implementing and maintaining external marketing efforts and internal processes designed to enhance Seafoam Media’s public perception, output and efficiency.

My Mission at Seafoam:

My mission is simple but lofty: grow the Seafoam Media brand by making our organization 1 percent better every single week — This includes defining Seafoam’s online presence, tightening up our processes, and cultivating new opportunities to expand our outreach and strengthen our business model.

Why I Love What I Do:

My role is a unique combination of external and internal objectives. On one hand, I have the opportunity to create honest, authentic marketing content that educates, inspires and delights Seafoam Media’s loyal fans. On the other hand, I have the power to refine our agency from an inside operations perspective.

As a result, I am able to leverage Seafoam Media’s marketing prowess to make meaningful connections with real-world brands and show them why our team is the best at what we do.

My Qualifications and Experience:

My Bachelor of Arts in English serves as the base for my writing expertise, while my creatively organized mind fuels my fabrication of meaningful content and analysis of Seafoam’s internal structure.

In a previous career, I managed the content strategy (blog articles, email marketing, social media, graphic design, video production and website updates) of a local credit union.

Why I Love Working at Seafoam:

Working at Seafoam Media provides many career benefits that I couldn’t find anywhere else, such as the physical freedom of working wherever I want, creative freedom to design uniquely innovative projects and the technological freedom to utilize the devices I want, in combination with Google’s cloud platform and my own workflows to forge my best path to success.

In my freetime…

I enjoy using and learning about new consumer technologies; I’m fascinated how innovations in computers, smartphones, tablets and wearables has redefined the way people work and live.

I love music, particularly rock ’n’ roll, blues, jazz and a bit of country. I play five instruments: guitar, bass, saxophone, piano and drums. Throughout highschool and college, I played in several school and non-school bands. Today, I  compose and publish music using GarageBand for Mac and iOS.

I love to drive! I am a car enthusiast to my core. To me, there’s nothing better than cruising down the street on a beautiful day with the windows down and the music turned up — This is truly one of my favorite places to be.