Perri BeemanWeb Designer

    Who am I?

    I am the Web Designer at Seafoam Media. My role focuses heavily on user experience (UX), which considers a person’s visual perceptions and needs in relation to a client’s website.

    My Mission at Seafoam:

    My mission is to bring beauty and clarity to our clients’ web pages and applications while keeping the end user in mind throughout all stages of each project.

    Why I Love What I Do:

    I love the combination of technical skills and creativity that are required to be successful in my role. I also like that I have the opportunity to dive into the minds of our clients’ customers to understand the best way to present information through my designs.

    My Qualifications and Experience:

    My Bachelor of Science in Psychology helps me understand the needs of our clients and their customers while my Bachelor of Science in Graphic Information Technology, combined with my experience in UX development, are the foundation of my web design aptitude. Together, my degrees and experience help me view our clients’ needs from various perspectives and build websites that are optimized for superior functionality.

    Why I Love Working at Seafoam:

    Simply put: the team at Seafoam are so good at what they do. I’m thrilled to be a part of their mission to achieve marketing domination!

    In my freetime…

    I love to read, hang out with my dog, and spend time outside: walking, running, hiking — anything!