Search Engine Optimization: SEO For Small Business

By Seafoam
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A pretty website is great, but let’s start talking about growing revenue, increasing ROI, and really getting some bang for your buck.
Everyone wants a nice looking web presence, but a pretty website doesn’t necessarily translate into a profit-generating web presence.
Just like you wouldn’t spend the money on direct mailings if you never closed a deal from them, websites only work when they’re executed properly and within the scope of a well-planned and holistic approach to your web presence.
Search engine optimization (and digital media as a whole) necessitates movement in and focus on each and every one of the following areas to be optimally successful:

  1. Website
  2. Social Media
  3. Search Engine Rankings and Optimization
  4. Search Engine Marketing
  5. Email Marketing
  6. Reviews
  7. Local Search and Optimization
  8. Directories and Listings

Each of these areas needs to be:

  • Up to date with modern technology standards
  • Objective-focused
  • Accessible and usable
  • Friendly and usable but professional as well
  • Allotted the necessary amount of time to achieve objectives
  • Relevant and timely
  • Full of helpful and original content
  • Optimized to achieve marketing goals (colors, layout, timing, wording, graphics, etc.)

Be sure that your business is taking the necessary steps to make your web presence worth it!

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