Seafoam Sessions Roundup: A Look Back At Everything We’ve Talked About in 2018

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Looking into the video archives, it’s hard to believe our first episode of Seafoam Sessions aired all the way back in February of 2018. Throughout this six-episode journey, we’ve covered a large range of topics: Facebook fiascos, brandless brands, and even pop culture phenomenons.

Now, as we stand at the crossroads of this year and the next, we’re taking a look back at 2018 in all its glory, one Session at a time.

Episode 1: Is Facebook Still a Useful Marketing Tool?

Episode 2: The One Where Google Kills Intrusive Ads

Episode 3: Rest in Peace Brands?

Episode 4: What Brands Can Learn From Your Favorite Superheroes…

Episode 5: How Can Your Brand Become a Consumer Icon?

Episode 6: Where Do “People” Fit Into the Future of Business?

Episode 7: TBD

That brings us to today. We have one more episode to share with you before 2018 comes to a close. See you in December!

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