Seafoam Sessions 1.6 | Where do “people” fit into the future of business?

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In the sixth episode of Seafoam Sessions, the Seafoam team sits down to chat about artificial intelligence and how technology impacts business, for better or for worse.

Episode Topic

This episode’s topic comes from Andrew Stephen, a contributor at Forbes, with his article titled, “The Future Of Marketing Needs Tech, But Let’s Not Forget About The Humans.

His article discusses how the evolution of technology in the marketing world, such as marketing automation and artificial intelligence, has begun to overshadow brands’ investments in employee development.

This reminded me of a conversation some of us have had before about the possibility of technology replacing humans in the workplace. This isn’t just a problem that threatens the marketing industry, though; it can and will influence the way business’ are ran, period.

Episode 6: Where do “people” fit into the future of business?

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