Seafoam Sessions 1.3 | Rest in peace brands?

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In the third episode of Seafoam Sessions, the Seafoam team sits down to discuss how “brandless” products – like those sold online and in major retail stores – impact brands, both large and small.

Episode Topic

This episode’s topic comes from Dennis Green of Business Insider with his article titled: “Retailers are making big bets that brands as we know them are dying.” In this article, Green writes:

Brandless is an online retailer that, as its name implies, sells products with no name brands. Brandless’ roster of private-label goods — what used to be called “generic” — includes everything from peanut butter and hand soap to kitchen tongs, all for $3.

Instead of having a big logo emblazoned on a product, the actual attributes are listed on the package instead. The food is all-natural, and often, it’s organic. The products are purported to be high-quality and can be sold at these prices because they’re not subject to a “brand tax,” according to Brandless cofounder Tina Sharkey. The hope is that customers will try this private label, like it enough to keep buying it, and shift their preference away from name brands to Brandless itself.

Episode 3: Rest in peace brands?

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Episode Guide

  • 0:18 — Introductions
  • 0:58 — Q1: When shopping for a product, – whether in a store or online – which of these is most likely to influence your decision?
  • 13:57 — Q2: How does the “brandless” retail strategy affect companies with branded products in the short term and the long term?
  • 19:06 — Q3: What should brands be focusing on to combat brandless retail strategies, if at all?
  • 27:28 — Closing

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