Seafoam Sessions 1.2 | The One Where Google Kills Intrusive Ads

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In the second episode of Seafoam Sessions, the Seafoam team sits down to discuss Google’s new intrusive ad blocking policy for its Chrome browser and how this change will affect users and advertisers alike.

Episode Topic

This episode’s topic comes from Abhimanyu Ghoshal of The Next Web titled: “Here’s How Google Chrome Will Block Ads Starting Today.” In this article, Ghoshal writes:

An industry group called the Coalition for Better Ads – of which Google is a member – has defined standards for what qualify as intrusive ads. The list includes full-page interstitials that appear before a page loads, flashing animated ads, and videos that autoplay with sound.

Google says it will first evaluate sites for violations of the above standards, then inform the offending sites and make reports available to them via an API, and then begin blocking ads on those pages after 30 days. It’s worth noting that if a site is in violation of the Better Ads standards, all ads on its pages will be blocked, and not just the ads that aren’t in line.

Episode 2: The One Where Google Kills Intrusive Ads

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Episode Guide

  • 0:17 — Episode Introduction
  • 0:42 — Q1: As we all know, Google is one of the largest digital ad distributors in the world. Chrome also happens to be one of the most widely used web browsers on the market. How will the crackdown on intrusive ads impact brands’ ad marketing strategies?
  • 5:24 — Q2: How will brands that violate Google’s intrusive ad policy react?
  • 13:53 — Q3: How does Google cracking down on intrusive ads promote a better user experience for web surfers?
  • 22:35 — Closing

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