Seafoam Sessions 1.1 | Is Facebook still a useful marketing tool?

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In the pilot episode of Seafoam Sessions, the Seafoam team sits down to discuss whether or not some of the new changes to Facebook’s business philosophy hinder its capabilities as a marketing tool.

Episode Topic

This episode’s topic comes from Kalev Leetaru, a contributor at Forbes, with his article titled: “Facebook’s News Feed Changes: Audience Access Fee And Escapism?” In this article, Leetaru writes:

Facebook’s changes have been portrayed as the beginning of the end for commercial content on Facebook, that in future, posts by brands and media outlets will be washed away in the deluge of our conversations with friends and families. However, most telling is that it appears that paid posts by brands and news outlets will not be similarly affected and, of course, advertisements will continue to appear as always.

In short, companies can still pay to promote their content on Facebook and have it appear in News Feeds and other prominent places in the site. Those willing to pay an access fee will not see any change in their placement. It is only unpaid free distribution that is being curtailed.

Episode 1: Is Facebook still a useful marketing tool?

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Episode Guide

  • 0:17 — Episode Introduction
  • 0:42 — Team Introductions
  • 1:49 — Q1: Earlier last month, Mark Zuckerberg stated that Facebook will soon focus more on person-to-person engagement and demote organic brand-driven content. What does this mean for the future of Facebook as a brand marketing tool?
  • 11:17 — Q2: Paid posts – or boosted content – by brands and news outlets will not be demoted in users’ feeds. Should this fact deter brands from investing in Facebook as a marketing tool or encourage them to spend more money on the platform and why?
  • 19:33 — Q3: How does the decision to encourage more paid content from brands affect the smaller businesses that don’t have the same capital as Fortune 500 companies?

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