Seafoam Profile: Erin Hindalong

In The Team

Erin Hindalong Seafoam Media copywriterMeet the newest addition to the Seafoam Media team – Erin! She joins us as our official copywriter, and we couldn’t be more excited. Erin previously worked as a communications specialist for Nestlé Purina, and comes to us with a wealth of knowledge on content creation (and cuddly animals). She also has extensive experience managing social media, having previously spent time coordinating efforts for multiple organizations in and around the St. Louis area.

Here’s a little more about Erin:

1. If you could have any super power, what would it be and why?

If I could have one super power it would be the ability to make intelligent, snap decisions instantly! I figured this out when I realized how long it was taking me to answer this question! I am very indecisive, and it’s a huge stress inducer and time waster. But, then again, flying or being able to change size would be awesome too…I can’t decide.

2. What are you most passionate about professionally? What most excites you about your work and the contribution you can make?

I love to help others. I am passionate about working for businesses that need assistance in any way. Content and social media relates to this since this aspect of their company overwhelms so many businesses. I love to consult them and ease their worries, making their lives happier and better.

I also love connecting the dots and strategizing. I enjoy marketing because it’s like solving a puzzle. If I were more left brained, I would have loved to be a detective. But, you know…it’s definitely not like it is on TV!

3. What apps, software or tools can’t you live without?

My iPhone. I’ve had an iPhone since I was 18 years old, and I can’t imagine life without one (I know…I am a millennial, don’t hate me). I also love Google Drive, since I am obsessed with organizing everything anything. I also use Yoast for WordPress constantly, and find that plugin extremely useful. Others include: Pinterest, Instagram, and Dropbox.

4. What do you like to do in your free time?

I have so many hobbies and interests! Some people say they would get bored if they didn’t work a week, but I would fill that week so fast! I love working on being healthy and sustainable. I love experimenting in the kitchen whether it’s juicing or making my own fermented foods. I also enjoy yoga, hiking, binging on shows like Parks and Rec, and trying new beers.

5. What do you like most about working remotely?

I save so much time by working at home. There is no ‘office down time’ or ‘sitting around’ time to waste. I can get my work done when I am feeling most productive and still have time to make all my meals at home, clean the house, and see friends in the evening. The time management is your own when you work remotely, and it makes a world of a difference for getting things done!

6. What does your workspace look like?

My work place is a small nook in my apartment. I keep photos and plants near by, since there isn’t a window. I like to keep a kettle on with tea, and snacks at hand. I tend to migrate to the couch and work comfortably or to coffee shops near by. I can pretty much work anywhere that I can have my laptop, or just iPhone connected to WiFi!

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