Practical Ecommerce: Why Your Customers Want to Buy Online

By Seafoam
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Woman holding smartphone. Shopping online is more important than ever with practical ecommerce.
How would you describe your ideal way to buy something these days? Chances are, you probably prefer to get it online if possible. The notion of the “retail experience”, evoking imagery of long lines and pushy salespeople, is quickly becoming a relic of the past. As consumers, we’re doing more and more of our shopping electronically, and for good reason: it’s convenient!
Online shopping has become so popular, Goldman Sachs predicts that ecommerce sales on mobile devices alone will top a staggering $618 billion by 2018. For reference, total annual ecommerce sales (including computers, mobile devices, and tablets) was around that much in 2013!
Suffice to say, practical ecommerce is a necessity for your small business. You need a well designed website that makes it easy for your customers to purchase products, especially if they’re looking to make a purchase with their smartphone. Need more proof? Look no further than this infographic, put together by the fine folks at Lab42. Of those they surveyed, the majority agreed: a great online shopping experience is no longer an option—it is an expectation!

What customers look for in a practical ecommerce site:

The takeaway from this is that customers prefer to buy from retailers that have:

  1. Great product descriptions.
  2. Free shipping.
  3. Effective customer service via e-mail.
  4. Positive reviews from other shoppers.
  5. An active social media presence that addresses feedback from customers.

Does your website have a practical ecommerce solution in place? Can customers easily interact with you and make purchases? Is the design of your ecommerce platform professional yet easy to use? If not, consider an overhaul to your website. We can help! Contact us to get more information about adding ecommerce functionality for your business.

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