POLL: Who’s your favorite superhero?

By Seafoam Media
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Who is your favorite superhero?We all have a little superhero spirit in us, right? Whether you have the courage to speak up in a crowd of your managers, you power through life’s challenges on nothing but caffeine and your ambitions, or you simply maintain your home and everyone in it, people do incredible things every day.

But what if you could do even more, like wield super powers, fight crime and save the world?

Power of the Poll

This week, we’re celebrating your favorite action superheroes! Tell us which one is your favorite and why. Also let us know which superpower you wish you could call your own.

Early next month, we have something special planned, so make sure you share this survey with your followers on social media. The more responses we have, the better the unveiling will be.

Thanks for participating!



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