POLL RESULTS: Who’s your favorite superhero?

By Seafoam Media

Last month, we ran a survey across our social media channels asking for you to share who your favorite superhero was and why.

Thanks to you guys for helping us spread the word, we received all kinds of answers!

Here’s the general response breakdown…

Poll Results: Favorite Superheroes

Poll Results:

  • Wonder Woman – 27.7%
  • Deadpool – 12.8%
  • Spider-Man – 8.5%
  • Iron Man – 8.5%
  • Black Panther – 4.3%
  • Daredevil – 4.3%
  • Batman – 4.3%
  • Flash – 4.3%
  • Other – 17%

As you can see, you all had a lot to say about the best superheroes of the modern day — and rightfully so! Between various comic book, television, and movie franchises, there’s a vast universe of heros and the villains who try to thwart them.

So why did we ask you about your favorite superheroes? Well…

Seafoam Sessions: What Brands Can Learn from Today’s Favorite Superheroes

In early June, the Seafoam team will be sitting down for the fourth episode of Seafoam Sessions where we will discuss what brands can learn from today’s superheroes. Believe it or not, there’s quite a bit.

So stay tuned! We have a lot more to say in the coming weeks.

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