Our Favorite Google Chrome Extensions

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Are you all about Google Chrome Extensions? Everyone seems to have very specific opinions on which extensions are best, and which ones are are just clutter. In the last few months, some classic extensions were upgraded, and some new awesome ones have emerged. Google-chrome-extensions1

Of course we all love AdBlock,  Retweet, and tools like Google Drive, but this blog is going to showcase four of our absolute favorite extensions: My personal faves are those that help simplify and clean up my life (aka my computer).

One of my must-haves is also our Marketing Specialist, Liz Oeltjen’s all-time favorite extension: One Tab. She loves how One Tab enables her multiple tab addiction. If you are a tab freak, like Liz and me, you probably open over 10 tabs a day (who are we kidding, I open maybe 30+). You can easily lose things in this tab chaos, and slow down your computer.  The One Tab extension consolidates all of your tabs for the moment, until you need them again. The holy grail of extensions, in our opinion!

Our project manager, Erik Schwenke, swears by Word Counter. It easily allows you to count how many characters you’ve typed. You highlight the text, hit the button, and boom! Perfect for when you need to craft content in less than 140 characters, or if you’re not sure your meta description or SEO title is too long.

Jennifer Gardiner, our Web Developer, is a big fan of Browser Stack. It lets you test websites on multiple browsers and multiple versions at once, making life a whole lot easier.

Seafoam’s Owner Nikki Bisel’s favorite is Full Page Screen Capture. This lets you take a screenshot of a whole site page, and opens it up in a new tab. Even if it’s a really long page it captures it entirely and reliably.

My personal recommendation, since I am a little ADD and all over the place, is Stay Focused. This blocks me from visiting my procrastination sites like Facebook, Netflix or online shopping sites. Perfect for forcing yourself to stay on a project and get your work done.  Believe me, I left this word document way too many times while writing this to look at pointless sites. But, if I had used Stay Focused, that wouldn’t have happened!

Enough about us—what Is your favorite extension? Share us yours on Facebook or tweet @SeafoamMedia!