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This post was written by Lily Samimi, Seafoam’s Project Manager.
At Seafoam Media, we rely on our remote employees stationed all over the world to continuously contribute ideas and deliver outstanding results. Having special knowledge and expertise from across the world provides us the opportunity to provide robust services to our clients.
Now, you may be wondering how do we do it. How do we manage remote employees living half way across the world? How do we make sure product excellence is maximized while ensuring our clients and employees are happy? The answer is we utilize the latest technology to ensure our remote employees have the right tools in their hands.
Here are some online tools we like to use to conduct remote work across the world:

  1. Slack
    Working with employees from different time zones, cultures and expertise, Slack’s online communication application makes it possible for all of our team members to coordinate and to be on the same page all the time.
  2. Teambox
    Teambox’s project management site provides us the environment we need to make sure projects are completed on time and at the highest quality.
  3. Skype
    Sometimes, nothing beats a good face-to-face meeting. Through Skype, my team members and I can meet virtually and hash out project details.
  4. Freshbooks
    Freshbooks allows management to keep track of employee time and expenses. 
  5. SurePayroll
    SurePayroll ensures everyone at Seafoam Media gets paid on time and accurately which in turn makes everyone a happy camper.
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