New Client: Experience Cuba Now

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One of our favorite things here at Seafoam Media is getting the opportunity to work with a diverse range of clients, all who have different business models and needs. It truly shows that those with an entrepreneurial spirit can start a company from a great idea, if it is marketed well enough!

Just recently, we added one of our most unique clients yet: Experience Cuba Now.

Experience Cuba Now Seafoam Media

They’re one of only a handful of businesses in the United States that is able to legally coordinate and plan trips to Cuba! As you may know, the Cuba embargo makes it quite difficult to visit Cuba freely. However, Experience Cuba Now Operation Director “Cuba Mike” has been able to successfully take groups of U.S. citizens to Cuba since 2002! He has guided hundreds of people and shown them the beauty and culture of this country that many of us would never get to see otherwise.

We like them because they’re different, and their business model isn’t just based on getting an exotic tour guide—it’s about having a cultural experience. You know that feeling when you travel somewhere and you happen to know a person in the area who is a local expert and can recommend places to see, people to meet, and things to do? That’s how Experience Cuba Now operates, by immersing you into the culture, art, and history of the country throughout the trip! You’ll get to explore Havana, meet and learn from local artists, see a wide variety of gorgeous architecture, visit the places where Ernest Hemingway hung out, and more.

Our goal with Experience Cuba Now as a client will be to optimize their site and build more visibility and awareness for the customized experiences they offer. From what we’ve read so far on the website, we’re pretty much sold. Get the mojitos ready! How about you? Would you like to explore Cuba and see the side of it that must of us aren’t able to?

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