Master of All Trades, by Tim Williams

In The Team

Digital marketing is a wide world of facets that all must work together cohesively to a brand’s advantage. A weakness within any of these components will render a brand’s online presence ineffective, sacrificing potential customers and sales.

So, who could best tame the beast that is digital marketing? A Digital Marketing Specialist, of course!

Serving as a unique role with multiple parts to play, a Digital Marketing Specialist’s job is to connect the many behind-the-scenes facets of a single brand’s marketing strategy to their front-facing online presence.

To get a better idea of how this is done, we sat down with Seafoam’s newest teammate, Tim Williams. Here’s what he had to say…

Q&A with Tim Williams

What is your job role at Seafoam Media?

I am the Digital Marketing Specialist here at Seafoam Media. I do quite a few things; mainly right now, I’m managing local and organic SEO. I do a little bit of technical onboarding for new clients, as far as making sure that their sites are properly prepared for Google Analytics, Adwords, Search Console, and so much more. Also, I manage Google Adwords campaigns and a little bit of social media community engagement on our clients’ behalf.

Why is your role important to Seafoam’s structure, as well as the marketing industry as a whole?

My role is important to the company, because my job is to basically help grow our customer base. You know, our customers are coming to us with the expectations that we will be able to grow their digital platforms, or their digital presence. My job is – more often than not – to improve our clients’ backend structures. But then when I come to the foreground of things, I’m making sure that our clients’ communities – their targeted audience – sees why each brand would be a benefit to their customers’ lives.

One of the things that I preach to myself, and even to the people that I talk to about digital marketing, is that when clients come to me, they should always know that I have their best interests at heart. At the end of the day, it’s not about me having something to gain; I’m only considered successful at my job if I have brought other brands success.

What do you do to personally ensure that Seafoam’s clients’ needs are being met?

I want to always make sure that I understand a client’s full project to see exactly where it is that I must go in order to optimize my path. If I need to get onto a client’s website to start doing some organic SEO, or onsite SEO – I’m not just rushing through trying to get things done. I’m diligent. I conduct site audits, and I want to look to see exactly what’s going on with our clients’ websites and identify what can be better — even if the client isn’t telling me that their site needs to be better, I make it my mission to do that extra research to see what I can do to enhance their customers’ experiences. I ask myself: What can I do to make it great?

Has your role evolved since you’ve been with Seafoam Media? If so, how?

When I first started with Seafoam, I was a Digital Marketing Intern. That lasted for about a month, and now, I’m the Digital Marketing Specialist. Ever since then, I’ve been steadily growing and learning new ways to not only be better for my clients but to be more valuable to Seafoam. With my extended knowledge on web development and graphic design, I’m able to give all of myself to make sure that Seafoam and our clients can have a better outcome in their business ventures.

Are there any unique qualities about your role as it pertains to Seafoam’s marketing strategy that you’d like to share?

The role of Digital Marketing Specialist is a pretty consistent title across the industry. Depending on the person filling the role, we all have our strengths and other benefits we bring to the table. So I do believe that with my own strengths, knowledge and other marketing aspects, I have those key features I can bring to my job that maybe other Digital Marketing Specialists might not be able to contribute.

Are there any lessons you learned so far that will make you better at your job as time goes on?

First and foremost, I think this is crucial in every industry, and if it’s not, it needs to be: a customer-centered focus. Always take the customer into account. We’re here to provide a service, and that service is to our customers. It goes back to what I said earlier: my success depends on my customers’ success.

Second, stay steady and be able to grow. Learn new strategies to become a better digital marketer.

Third, be open to learning new ways to help our customers. Society is always coming out with something new, and we have to be on board to learn it. Don’t be scared of change; always go for it. Change is only uncomfortable for a moment because we aren’t accustomed to the unique situation or occurrence within our life.