Job Opening! Part Time Project Manager

In Seafoam Media

This person will be responsible for independent day-to-day management of Internet Marketing and Web Development projects. The individual will work with clients and developers to define project approach, scope, cost and time parameters.

Most work will be done remotely so you’re welcome to work from home, a coffee shop, or any other “office” of choice.

If you are ridiculously organized and can’t fall asleep at night unless you’re at Inbox Zero, you should apply for this job.

You Might Be Right for this Job If You Have:

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  • The ability to independently manage both short and long term projects
  • A willingness to learn
  • A hearty interest in everything digital: marketing, websites, applications, SEO, Pay Per Click, etc.
  • An extreme tendency toward organization
  • A desire to truly make clients happy, relaxed, and more successful
  • The need to work with a solid team
  • A strong adherance to deadlines and results

What might put you ahead of the rest of the pack?

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  • Previous project management experience
  • Knowledge of web development and/or Internet marketing
  • Amazing references
  • A unique (perhaps even funny) resume or cover letter


We want to hire the best person possible for the job – We don’t have any hard and fast requirements for your history or knowledge but expect that you’ll show us your best when you apply 🙂

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