Is It Time To Start Using Video In Your Emails?

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Is It Time To Start Using Video In Your Emails?Marketing emails are traditionally a pretty static place. Companies and advertisers were advised not to use animations or videos in their email marketing pieces over a variety of concerns. Those days are changing. Some fascinating research seen over on the Marketing Tech Blog explains why the use of video inside emails is a growing trend.

One of the arguments against using videos inside of emails was that consumers wouldn’t be able to see them. It’s time to dispel that myth as a reported 58% of users are able to see video inside their email. Of those that can’t see a video, 42% will see a fallback image. Thanks to the widespread use of HTML5, the majority of consumers will have no technical issues loading and viewing a video you include in an email.

Another concern is that a video might distract consumers and shift their attention away from your call to action. In fact, the opposite is true. Studies show that emails with video content actually boost user engagement. Emails with video have better open rates and better click-through rates when compared to more traditional emails. Videos also can create more buzz than a traditional formatted message. They can resonate and allow you to give a more precise, detailed message than you’d be able to just through text and images.

Are you ready to embrace video in your emails? If you answered affirmatively, you’re ahead of the curve. A reported 75% of companies have not used videos in their email campaigns to date and only 25% are “very likely” to use video in their campaigns in the future. Video adoption in emails has been a slow, yet steady process and you might be out in front if you’re one of the early adopters.

As with any trend in marketing, your company shouldn’t force it. Emails with videos have been successful for a large group of companies, but that doesn’t mean video is appropriate for your specific topic or demographic. You’re better off avoiding video in your emails if you can’t maintain a high standard of quality.

If you’re interested in discussing whether or not video content would be a proper fit for your company, shoot Seafoam Media a message. We specialize in the latest marketing strategies and our quest is to develop a unique approach designed around your company’s needs.