Introducing Seafoam Sessions, a Monthly Video and Podcast Series by Seafoam Media

By Seafoam Media
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We have a mathematical equation that we live by at Seafoam: 1+1=3 (and no, we’re not just that awesome with numbers). In short, this equation guides our continuous pursuit to get more out of the things our team does, both for our clients and ourselves.

Every month, the crew at Seafoam Media spends countless hours sitting around a table discussing how the latest concepts in the digital webosphere influence the marketing industry and our clients’ strategies.
Keeping our handy equation in mind, late last year, we had a lightbulb of an idea: Why not share the conversations we have with our friends, clients and the rest of the interwebs?
So that’s what we set out to do, and now the unveiling of our new project has arrived!

What to expect from Seafoam Sessions.

Introducing Seafoam Sessions, a monthly video and podcast series that covers the latest hard-hitting topics that impact the marketing industry.
At the beginning of every month, you will have the chance to jump into the minds of Seafoam’s crew. Each discussion will be guided by a set of questions for our teammates, giving you the opportunity to hear their combined decades of marketing insight to grow your own knowledge and understanding of how marketing bolsters the brand you own or work for.

Where you can find the latest episodes of Seafoam Sessions.

Starting next week, you can find the newest episodes of Seafoam Sessions on The Anchor, on our YouTube channel, on social media and in our newsletter, The Weekly Crest.
The first episode of Seafoam Sessions will be available soon, so stay tuned!

Your feedback is appreciated!

The team at Seafoam is always excited to launch new projects, and we love new projects even more when our audience gets involved!
If you have any suggestions for us regarding Seafoam Sessions, or if there’s a particular topic you’d like us to weigh in on, let us know. Your request just may end up in the next episode.
Thanks for reading!

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