How to Excel at Google+

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googleplusSo your business already has a handle on social media accounts. Your business’ Facebook page is looking promising and you’re finally getting a handle on how to use Twitter but you’re still not sure how to fully utilized Google+. Well, you came to the right place because here are 4 easy steps to help your business excel on Google+.
Creating a Google+ account
Benjamin Taylor in writes Business 2 Community that after you create a Google+ account, “Add relevant photos and information so page visitors will understand who you are and what you offer. Make sure to add relevant keywords and terms so you can show up in search results. Add photos that help tell your company’s story and add value to the page.” The goal of your Google+ account is to add context to your business.
Connect your other social media platforms
If your business already has active social media platforms, connect them to Google+ to add their content to your page. You don’t have to reinvent the wheel, so if your business is already creating useful information on social media, share them on Google+ to gain a further reach with the same content. Also, broaden your social circle by getting employees, customers and friends on Google+ to add your business.
Share Content
As with all things involving the online marketing of your business, the key to success is original content. Create a schedule for sharing content that alert readers to when you normally post things. Consistency is paramount with all forms of social media and Google+ is no different.
Use Google Plus Hangouts to your advantage
Google+ Hangouts allows users to schedule “Hangouts on Air” and have video conversations over the Internet with up to nine people. The live video can be promoted on a page or made sharable on YouTube. “Think of it as a Skype within Facebook,” says Jessie Wojdylo, a Google+ expert. Small businesses can use Hangouts to answer questions, spread the word about a new product or procedure or create commercials. Bigger businesses such as Best Buy, used Hangout for a Black Friday buy-a-thon, where they announced a new sale item every five minutes.  Take advantage of Google Plus Hangout to connect with your customers and give them insight into your business.

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