How Blog Design Affects Your Content's Performance

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As businesses, we thrive on the element of sharing. Sharing is what pushes our content higher up on people’s news feeds, gives us a broader audience to connect with, and helps both our search traffic and ranking. Without it, we face an uphill battle, often times where money is required to give us the boost we need. While there is a strategy to using paid promotion, having a strong organic reach is still the most powerful marketing approach you can take. If you publish content, be it social media posts, blogs, or other website copy, are you doing all you can to make sure it gets noticed? The key to success does not lie merely in the content you create, but also in your blog design.
Much like the old saying about falling on deaf ears, you don’t want to invest time into producing content that is never going to be read by your audience! If that were the case, you’d be better off keeping a private journal instead of a company blog. So what are some of the optimizations we can make to have a better shot of reaching users? Essentially, it’s a whole lot of little things that add up to create a engaging experience for your reader.

5 key elements to great blog design

1. How well your content is optimized for search (keywords)
2. The timing and frequency of content being published
3. Using and optimizing images
4. Placement of social media buttons
5. Call to action
It gets said time and time again, but as a small business, everything you write about on your blog should pertain to something your audience might be searching for. This is where keyword research comes into play. Find out a useful keyword, and then write your content around it. Many forget this step, which hurts their ability to draw traffic.
For the other steps that go into blog design, check out this infographic by OnBoardly. They’ve put together some great tips that will help increase your content distribution!
Blog design infographic Onboardly. Seafoam Media
Need more tips on getting your content shared? Check out our post on social sharing secrets, or contact us if you’d like a professional hand in coming up with a content marketing strategy!

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