Google Including Author Images and Byline (Authorship) in Search Results

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Why You Need Author Images and Byline (Authorship) in Your Site’s Search ListingGoogle logo

Google has started using author images and bylines next to certain search results.  This obviously has huge implications on search engine optimization.

Just like Google’s local results, these author results stand out to the searcher in a big way.  It’s like a free advertisement on Google.

How to Get Google Authorship For Your Site

For a short time, we’re offering the setup and development of the author image and byline tag into your blog posts (using Google’s Rich Snippets) for only $100.

What Else Can Google’s Rich Snippets Do?

  1. Reviews
  2. People
  3. Authors
  4. Products
  5. Events
  6. Business and Organizations
  7. Recipes
  8. Music