INFOGRAPHIC: Facebook Ad Targeting Explained

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As a small business owner or marketer, you’ve likely seen the multitude of changes Facebook has made over the years to its advertising platform. What once started as a way to simply get a sidebar ad has morphed into a slew of options, giving you a massive degree of control over how you want to reach a potential audience.
Considering approximately one fifth of the world’s population is on Facebook, the amount of people you can reach these days is staggering. Many businesses don’t realize that they can tailor their Facebook ad targeting options to pin point a specific audience, or several audiences with different campaigns! When you’re trying to reach the people that matter, knowing extremely detailed information about their demographics and psychographics can go a long way in getting your message distributed correctly.
Below, you’ll find an infographic put together by the folks at Qwaya. This is a great resource for anyone who isn’t aware of just how powerful Facebook’s advertising platform can be!

Facebook ad targeting options for reaching your audience:

Infographic: Facebook ad targeting
There are many choices at your disposal when creating an ad campaign on Facebook, as well as a huge marketing opportunity. What Facebook ad targeting options are you most surprised by? Tweet us with your thoughts!

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