Employee Spotlight: The Ambitious and Adaptable Ashlee Bross

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When a group of creatives gets together, topics tend to lose their hard edges, focus drifts, ideas flow into one another, and a discussion of X can quickly turn into an examination of A, B, C, and Q.   

That’s where Ashlee, our Client Success Manager, comes in. At Seafoam, we look to Ashlee to keep us laser-focused on the task at hand. It’s a natural job for her, since she keeps track of team tasks and goals, creates schedules for client meetings, and is on the front line of communications. 

Ashlee’s role is vitally important to the health of Seafoam and our communication with business partners. 

What Does Our Client Success Manager Do? 

Ashlee’s job is to ensure that relationships with our partners are communicative and warm. She makes sure that we as a team are reaching goals that will benefit our partners’ businesses. We know that when we make life a little easier for our partners, we’re reaching our own goals, too.  

“I direct things,” Ashlee says. “I direct communications and strategy between our partners and our team. I make sure everything is not only running smoothly but exceeding expectations – that our tasks make strategic sense for each partner and that our team members are doing everything they can to realize each partner’s vision for their company. I basically make sure our clients are heard, valued, and taken care of. In other words, I keep everything moving in the right direction.” 

It’s not as easy as it sounds. There are several skills that Ashlee needs to do her job well: 

  • Listening to each client’s needs as well as the team’s questions so that communication is always clear.  
  • Being able to explain and “translate” the digital marketing world to clients in a way that’s relatable. 
  • Staying organized, no matter what, and shifting smoothly from meeting notes to calendars and project management software. 
  • Remaining flexible, because things will shift. It’s important to be open and ready for change. 

From Ashlee’s Point of View … 

The most rewarding part of Ashlee’s job is seeing real results for our partners. She loves envisioning bold ideas for projects and watching them come to fruition. While she’s a known worrier, she also says, “I never leave the office in a bad mood.” 

When asked what advice she wishes she’d gotten when she started the job – and the advice she’d give to others taking on this role – she says, “Don’t take bad days personally. If something’s keeping you up at night, just remember that you have a team of people working together to get things accomplished. Relax!” 

Top 5 things the Seafoam Team Loves About Ashlee 

We can’t hide our admiration for this essential team member. Here are just a few of the things we love about Ashlee: 

  1. Her deep and abiding love for Bruce Springsteen and the music scene in St. Louis.
  2. Her ability to wrangle a roomful of creatives. It’s not exactly like herding cats. Squirrels, maybe. 
  3. Her sense of style. She’s effortlessly fashionable, and she transitions like a boss from a high-stakes meeting to her favorite music venue. 
  4. The constructive way she cares about our clients and steps in to fix problems. Ashlee frets with a purpose. She’s a cool Type A, or as she puts it, “Type A but flexible.”
  5. Her dedication to Seafoam, of course! 

The one sentence that sums it all up for Ashlee?  

“I strive to help clients reach their digital marketing goals by managing a team of experts and keeping everything on track!” 

This past spring marked 2 years at Seafoam for Ashlee! Stay tuned to learn more about our team.

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