Dr. Jazz and Their Twitter Endeavors

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Dr. Jazz is an ice cream parlor and diner located in Webster Groves, MO.  I promise you that if you visit, you’ll enjoy the best ice cream you’ve ever had.

We just began our social media campaign with them a little over a week ago, but thought we’d share the happenings of our first week of social media work with Dr. Jazz.

… Dr. Jazz came to Seafoam a couple of months ago to have us begin developing a social media campaign for them.  Using no Facebook advertising or promoted tweets on Twitter, we’ve developed their social media base from next to nothing to hundreds upon hundreds of followers and “likers.”

We found the ideal demographics to target (based off age, gender, location, activities, and interests) and used that information to grow the following exponentially.

In just over one week, we’ve taken them from zero Twitter followers to 88 (as of 7pm on October 18, 2010) handpicked, local potential customers.

In just over one week, we’ve had more than 50 interactions on Facebook (that’s almost 50 more than they were averaging before we started our campaign).

We’ve given out coupons, discovered Dr. Jazz fans’ favorite flavors of ice cream, and had a ton of fun conversing with and getting to know the people who love Dr. Jazz.

Check out what we’re doing: (Note: business now closed)

Dr. Jazz on Twitter
Dr. Jazz on Facebook