Don’t Rely on Others’ Data Systems

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Where is your business’ data stored?

Many companies have moved their databases online so that they can access information from anywhere, anytime.  That makes sense.

But who are you paying for these great benefits?

What if that company went out of business?  Where would your data be?  Where would your business be?

Create Your Own Data Systems

You need to own your data.  Not only do you need to own your data but you need to own the system you’re using to view it, manipulate it, and use it.

  1. What do you use to track your leads, proposals, and potential customers?
  2. Do you own the software that runs your website?
  3. What about your accounting system?
  4. Do you have an ecommerce site?  Where do you store your inventory data?
  5. Are your SEO (search engine optimization) and PPC (pay-per-click) campaigns stored with you or on someone else’s server?
  6. What about your business processes?  Do the numbers that run your business reside on another company’s servers in their data systems (that you’ve rented or leased) or do you own everything that makes those numbers work?

Be sure that your data is yours.  Build your own web applications and data management systems to store your inventory, books, leads, campaigns, websites, and other data.