Don’t Let Social Media Ruin Your Brand’s Reputation

By Seafoam
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Don't Let Social Media Ruin Your Brand's ReputationWe’ve all heard social media success stories. The small company which produced a viral hit and went on to post big numbers. The large company which got the world talking over a clever social media post. Everyone loves to talk about the positives of social media and the brands which are using the medium to its fullest. But what about the risks? What about the poor social media strategies and decisions which damage or permanently alter your brand’s reputation?
Social media is a risky medium. With the proper social media strategy and approach it can be an extremely valuable tool for just about any company. However, when you fail to exercise caution the results can blow up in your face. Consider two recent examples from the United Arab Emirates. One car dealer posted about a car accident with a caption insulting female drivers. Another company responded to an angry customer by telling them they’re free to take their business elsewhere. Both instances resulted in an enormous backlash against the company and a tarnished brand image.
Is a social media account worth the risk with brand image hanging in the balance? Definitely. Just as you can damage your brand’s reputation, you can also improve upon it. A strong social media strategy will allow you to shift and alter your identity as you see fit. You can connect with your customers and bring your brand to life. Just be warned that all it takes is one mistake by one employee to ruin all of your hard work and progress.
Managing a social media account isn’t easy. It requires constant attention and creative, shareable content. If you’re a small business, you might have too much on your plate as is without having to worry about managing and building a strong social media presence. That’s where Seafoam Media comes in. We can manage your account, grow your audience and keep your brand image moving in the right direction. Whether you want some guidance on a proper strategy or if you want to hand off the reigns to us, we’re ready to help.

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