How to Dominate Mobile Marketing

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Did you know there are more mobile phones than people in the world? We are mobile-obsessed! If you are not reading this on your phone, mosty likely your phone is right next to you or even in your hand. I would write this blog on my phone if I could! People now spend more time on their smartphones than desktop computers, according to KPCB’s data on Internet trends.

Mobile marketing is SO important for the single reason that it’s where everyone is. In order to successfully reach your potential customers you have to incorporate mobile marketing into your social media strategy. Optimizing for mobile and is also so important to keep your current customers and engage with them.

The below infographic shows why it’s so important to up your mobile marketing game:

mobile marketing infographic

To sum it up, people are looking for and buying goods and services on their phones. Reach your customers where they are and when they are on. Look into your analytics to see where your customers are coming from. Are all of them checking your Facebook page from their iPhone? This can give you a good idea of how to market to them.

Also, look into when your audience is on their phones. Google research reveals that the majority of mobile  activity takes place from 3 p.m.- midnight. Tailor your social media activity to involve mobile users during these hours based on their search activity and location. Are most of your customers looking online at 5 p.m. on Wednesdays? Make sure your most engaging content goes out then.

Marketing, social media and mobile work in hand in hand—to the great benefit of small-business owners. By combining the insights you have about your customer with your social media activity, you can customize your marketing  to reach the exact audience you want in ways that are relevant, personal and create conversions.