Seafoam and the Case of the Reflecting Mirror

Seafoam is a Marketing Consultancy + Agency that partners with companies who want to lead. We fall in love with the brands we work with and have a passion for propelling them forward.

Since our founding, Seafoam’s focus on iteration, evolution and quality results has remained steadfast, despite the ever-changing landscape of our industry.  It’s in our DNA to weave marketing’s latest trends with traditional best practices to cultivate profitable growth for our clients and meaningful experiences for their customers.


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The Challenge

“Looking at ourselves, our site, and our marketing like we do for our clients empowered and emboldened our efforts.”

The old adage states that “we are each our own worst critic.” The same can be said for Seafoam. Every company has to ensure they’re marketing themselves in the most effective way possible, and it was no different for us. The time had come for us to revisit our own website.

By treating ourselves like a client, we gained the essential element of ‘third party perspective.’

Nikki Bisel overviews the difficulties of working on your own brand.

The Opportunity

Discovering Our Message

We began our website redesign journey the same way our partners do: with a Discovery Session. Normally, we use a Discovery Session to get to know our partners’ brands inside and out — their goals, pain points, obstacles, etc. For ourselves, though, we took this opportunity to investigate how we could better relay our mission and our capabilities to those who visit our site.

Marketing can seem complicated. It’s constantly changing. It has dozens of moving parts that all affect each other. But our mission is to make marketing delightfully uncomplicated.

We weren’t satisfied with our new website until this message was clearly conveyed.

Courtney dives deep into Seafoam’s core purpose.

The Strategy

Sketching a Written Narrative

Once we’d built the strategy for our new website, we turned to our wordsmiths to put the words into place.

We’re a little quirky here at Seafoam. In fact, we’re even proud of it! But that means we needed to figure out the best way to showcase our personalities without forgetting to highlight our expertise and professionalism.

It’s true: if you’ve ever sat in a meeting with our team members, you know that we are relentless nerds about what we like and what we do. For instance, don’t ask Courtney about Stranger Things, because that’s a conversation you may never escape. But if you want to know how bats fly, Liz would be elated to tell you, or if you’re curious about SEO, Brian can open your eyes to a world of analytics beyond your wildest dreams.

In short, Seafoam is filled to the brim with unique characters, and our vibrant personalities needed to shine through in everything we had to say.

Holly Sinclair explains Seafoam’s content strategy.

Holly Wentworth gets excited about Seafoam’s new site.

Molding a Visual Experience

However, we wanted to do more than just share a bunch of information on a beautiful new website. We wanted to create a visual experience for our audience. That’s why we took the time to put together these in-depth case studies.

By meshing a written narrative with personal insights from our team members, we were able to build content that appeals to all different types of consumers.

And this is just the beginning. Be sure to take a look at our other case studies, too!

Sizing Up The Competition

There isn’t one SEO strategy that’ll land any given website on the first page of search results — be it out partners’ or our own. Even if your brand’s products or services are better than your competitors’, there’s no clear way for Google or Bing to know that. They do the best they can to provide an educated guess by gauging web traffic, online reviews, and conversion rates, but at the end of the day, search rankings are only an estimation of quality products and services.

So how do you steal a bit of their thunder and harness it for yourself? It all begins with a solid competitive analysis.

When we started redesigning our website, our strategists took a look at which keywords our competitors were ranking for, and maybe most importantly, which keywords they weren’t ranking for to identify opportunities that we could take advantage of and increase our viewership. Because what use is a beautiful website with a strong mission if no one ever sees it?

Brian sizes up the competition.

Perri puts it all together. Literally.

Putting it all Together

So we did it: we had all the pieces we needed to build a great website: a mission, a message, content, SEO. Now we needed someone to put it all together into a beautiful, intuitive package.

Our web designers were adamant about the details, discussing everything from font styles, to color specifications, to the leading between lines — all of it had to be just right.

Since web development is one of our core competencies, our own site needed to showcase the best of what we do: our innovations, our achievements, our aspirations. It had to be innately “Seafoam.” This refreshed site was the end result of those efforts.

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