Porta-King And The Case Of Slipping SEO

Porta-King offers a cost-friendly and convenient alternative to traditional construction. With a team of experienced engineers, Porta-King custom-designs modular offices, prefabricated security buildings, and more.

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Headquartered in Earth City, Missouri, Porta-King manufactures modular inplant offices, portable buildings, shelters, multiple wall partitions, security & guard booths, structural steel mezzanines, and more. They have ten regional sales offices in the United States and two production facilities in Missouri with more than 152,000 total square feet.


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The Challenge

Although they’re a well-established company, serving customers in North America and around the world since 1969, Porta-King had a marketing problem.

A strong brand deserves an even stronger voice.

Their existing website didn’t represent the quality and the reach that Porta-King was known for. While it conveyed important information, it wasn’t positioned well on Google. Porta-King knew that to continue their pace of growth, their website had to match their mission. It needed an SEO makeover.

Liz gives us the rundown on Porta-King

The Opportunity

There are few things in life that are more frustrating than seeing your hard work flounder.

In this case, Porta-King had put a great deal of time, energy, and money into their digital marketing. It just wasn’t yielding the results they needed. When they came to work with Seafoam we were able to identify several key aspects that would make our digital marketing efforts succeed.

1. The Brand Was All In For Success The team was eager to earn back their leadership position in terms of rankings for the brand. They wanted to see themselves back on the number one spot, digitally.

2. The Brand’s Reputation Was Solid, Built Over Decades The team had a solid brand; based on longevity, experience, and service. As one of the premier companies in their industry, Porta-King had built a reputation in the real world for being an excellent company to work with. They simply needed this aspect of their brand mirrored in the digital world.

The Brand Wanted To Build Strong Relationships The team at Porta-King understood that the key to any successful project lies in strong relationships. They wanted to work with a company that believes in honest and frequent communication in order to get the job done. This fit in perfectly with Seafoam Media’s values.

Knowing that the team was hungry to see some wins, the Seafoam team jumped in and got to work.

The Strategy

Gaining Traction

The Seafoam team immediately went to work on reviving Porta-King’s rankings from the dark depths of the latent rank pages. As it turns out, the new Porta-King website, though visually sound, wasn’t fabricated for the modern web. It was missing key search terms that customers typically typed into Google when looking for Porta-King’s products. In addition, they weren’t running Google Ads to get the word out that their brand was still the supreme manufacturer and retailer in their industry.

To add even more fuel to the fire, Porta-King’s competitors were ranking for the search terms Porta-King should have been targeting, thus stealing away valuable online real estate.

At this point, things weren’t looking good for Porta-King. They made a great product. They had a good-looking website. In a highly competitive digital market, however, more was needed to make a dent in the competition.

Matt Lodge loves numbers. Especially when they’re conversions from Porta-King’s PPC campaigns.

Brian Martin looks holistically at Porta-King’s SEO.

Ashlee is the go-to for Porta-King. She knows the ins and outs of our strategy.

Slowing The Search Engine Freefall

Porta-King needed an emergency parachute for the search engine freefall they’d found themselves in. They needed an experienced digital marketing agency to throw them a lifeline and help the, scrape back to the top of Google, one keyword at a time.

As we designed a strategy for Porta-King, we knew we wanted to strike the right balance between informative web content and keyword dominance on Google. As we say in our office from time to time, we had to know how to speak to the “bots” that rank, as well as the humans that read. So we started to redefine the content throughout Porta-King’s site, trimming the pieces we didn’t need and sculpting what was left into an SEO masterpiece.

However, as satisfied as we were of our work, we also recognized that search engine optimization alone wasn’t going to be enough to give Porta-King the initial rankings bump they were hoping for. We’d need to use some well-placed ads to siphon a little online real estate back from Porta-King’s competitors and re-establish the brand amongst current and future customers.

Putting Our Heads Together

Our goal here was to strike the right balance between efficacy and budget. Having been burned before, Porta-King was reluctant to just throw money at adwords as some sort of digital “Hail Mary Pass.” We needed to show that the platform would bring real return on investment for the brand. In order to do so, we started off small; building highly targeted and very specific campaigns in tandem with website changes to help amplify our efforts. We worked on getting the quality score of the brand up, before we put more money into the campaigns.

Additionally, as a large company with lots of moving parts, we wanted to make sure we built some serendipity into our strategy. As a marketing agency, we know digital media… but we weren’t experts on marketing guard shacks and portable buildings. As always, we wanted to make sure we left plenty of room at the table for the experts in the field from Porta-King.

We want all of our clients to feel like the Seafoam team is an extension of their internal team, with the same goals and objectives. We also know that when we combine the knowledge of a bunch of different brains, with varying experience and perspectives, we can build amazing things. This is why we found our monthly meetings with Porta-King to be so informative and helpful. We utilized this time to brainstorm on new ideas as well as to review the efforts of our existing strategies. Working in tandem with the Porta-King team we were able to yield results that were far greater than the sum of its parts.

The results of those efforts look a little something like this…

Nikki helps tie the strategy and execution together with Porta-King’s goals.

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