DOMO and the Case of the Niche Product

DOMO is an online source for outboard marine motor oil and fuel additives for Evinrude Outboard Oil, Mercury, and Yamaha 2- and 4-stroke engines. If you don’t own a boat, marine oil is not a product you’ll likely ever purchase. For boat enthusiasts, however, DOMO provides a great resource, and one that needed more exposure online.


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Marine Oil Sales

The Challenge

Experts Without an Audience

DOMO sells a very specific product, used by people who love boating and know what they’re talking about when it comes to marine oil. A challenge for marketers? Sure, but this is a challenge the internet was made for.

Liz Oeltjen talks about DOMO’s challenges.

Meeting the Competition Head On

One inescapable issue was the competition. DOMO had a great product, but were competing with huge entities like Amazon, Costco, and Walmart. 

When working with a company like Domo, it is important to gain an understanding of how users will find your product. The people who search for this item need to be tempted away from 100 lb gorillas like Amazon. It’s absolutely essential for DOMO to be able to compete, with a website that’s easy to use and a service team that’s friendly and responsive. 

Limited Communication = Limited Results

DOMO had been burned by other marketing companies that weren’t communicative and didn’t show their results. We knew that the simple act of being thorough and responsive would put their minds at ease.

We believe that, by giving the client plenty of up-front information — sometimes before they know they need it — we can make our clients excited about tomorrow.

An Outdated Website and Ineffective Ads

Put simply, DOMO’s website was outdated, short on content, and hard to navigate. Their ad campaigns were costing them a lot, but weren’t delivering results. These two problems needed to be fixed in order to give DOMO a fighting chance.

The Opportunity

A Better Website, Broader Visibility & Higher Conversion Rates

As the Seafoam team sat down with this client, we knew what we wanted to tackle. We had a few advantages on our side.

1. They were eager to get to work!:

DOMO was ready for a marketing team that would provide a more robust strategy and regular communication.

2. With years in the business, DOMO knew their products inside and out:

They understood how to best serve their customers, and they already had repeat business. We were excited to capitalize on that.

3. There were plenty of ways we could improve their website:

From content and ad copy to keyword optimization and PPC strategy, we knew we’d be able to boost their returns quickly.

The Strategy

A Site Hierarchy that Would Allow this eCommerce Company to Excel in the Age of Amazon

Our focus leaned heavily on establishing a site hierarchy that would allow the Google bots to understand which products were related to each other. That would serve two purposes: It would improve page rankings and allow users to find the products they wanted easily. A simple-to-navigate website would mean better online sales for DOMO. Plus, by making sure the site was optimized for product keywords, we were able to compete with big name shops like Amazon and eBay.

Matt Lodge discusses site hierarchy.

Brian Martin on DOMO’s Google Ads.

DOMO’s Google Ads campaign needed plenty of work

The copy wasn’t great, and a comprehensive strategy was lacking. Worst of all, DOMO was actually losing money. We added a shopping and search campaign, then revised the spending plan to ensure that we were making money instead of wasting it. A few smart shopping campaigns allowed DOMO to have their best few months ever. We know that the Google Ads platform changes all the time; it’s a continuing priority for us to change with it.

Having the right technical strategy was only part of the solution for DOMO

Regular communication was key, too. Particularly with eCommerce brands, it’s important for marketing teams to act quickly whenever challenges arise — for example, when an item goes out of stock or when there’s a discount available for loyal and return customers. We recognized that, and made sure we were on-call when DOMO needed a quick turnaround.

Jade McNear talks about the importance of communication.

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