DH Schmidt and the Case of the Hidden Talent

DH Schmidt builds custom commercial casework, cabinets, countertops, and fixtures. They’ve done it for 50 years, and they’ve done it well, building a loyal client base. When they came to us with questions about digital marketing, we knew right away that this was a client we wanted to partner with. Why? Because when we looked at DH Schmidt, we saw quality and integrity. We were thrilled to work for them.


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The Challenge

So Much to Offer, Not Enough Visibility

DH Schmidt has so much to offer the St. Louis area. The problem? They’re designers, engineers, and craftsmen – not marketers. They had plenty of talent but no time to foster the kind of visibility they wanted.

The team at DH Schmidt had questions: How could they make better use of social media? How could they showcase their work in an engaging way? How could they get the type of numbers and conversions they wanted to keep this family business going through the next 50 years?

Nikki Bisel on DH Schmidt and the plan.

The Opportunity

Showcasing DH Schmidt’s Talent in an Engaging Way

We were able to identify two key aspects that would make our digital marketing efforts succeed.

First of all, DH Schmidt’s work is 100% custom.

From our first meeting, they were eager to discuss the challenges of each individual project they were taking on. At Seafoam, we love to see a client as enthusiastic and geeky about their work as we are about marketing. As we visited DH Schmidt and got to know them a little better, we realized that every piece of casework they design is precise, functional, and absolutely beautiful. We were impressed, and we knew that their customers would be, too.

Second of all, DH Schmidt truly cares about their clients.

They talked about their reviews and their return customers. They expressed an interest in social media followers and client case studies. That kind of attitude makes our job fun. When a partner of ours is doing great work for their customers, it’s a pleasure to highlight it!


Our strategy for DH Schmidt was to begin with the website, and branch out from there.

Web Design

We started our relationship with DH Schmidt with a new website build. That gave us a platform and a jump-off point for all of our marketing efforts. Their site was SEO ready from the start – we built it that way! From there, we can keep exponentially growing their awareness, engagement, and conversion rates.

Holly Sinclair discusses content.


We took a customer-focused approach to content creation for DH Schmidt. What many clients don’t realize is that the way they view their company from the inside isn’t necessarily the way customers will view their company from the outside. It’s important to give potential customers the information they need to know, and highlight the benefits that will matter to them.

So, we drafted informative, easy-to-access content about their services. Then, we took some time to write case studies that would show off their innovative work. At Seafoam, we get to know our clients, and we try to speak their language, even if that means getting technical or going beyond our comfort zone.

Social Media

DH Schmidt had a Facebook account, but their posts were inconsistent, which isn’t surprising for a company as busy as they are. We wanted to fix that. They also didn’t have a presence on LinkedIn, where many of their corporate clients might look for services. We created a robust profile for them on that platform.

While DH Schmidt had the talent, they didn’t have the time to dedicate to social outreach. Fortunately, we were able to provide that for them. At Seafoam, we don’t just post and forget; we also monitor and engage with their followers because we know that every interaction matters.

Alyssa Shank talks about social media

Photography and a Long-Term Plan

Did you know that we have a couple of photographers on our team? As we continue working with DH Schmidt, we look forward to adding more professional photography to their site. Their casework calls for beautiful imagery, and our plan includes updating their online and social media presence.

We look at clients like DH Schmidt through a long-term lens. As they continue to provide the St. Louis area with custom casework, we’ll increase engagement with strategic updates and more robust content creation.

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