CWC Roofing and the Tale of Two Cities

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CWC Roofing is a roofing and construction firm with a national reach but two main locations: Naples, FL and St. Louis, MO. They came to Seafoam because they needed a better website that would give them greater visibility in a highly competitive market. Above all, they wanted to grow their business, both locally—in Naples and St. Louis—and nationally. This presented us with a tricky problem: How to rank successfully in more than one location. 

To make this work from both a UX and an SEO perspective, we needed to be strategic from the beginning. This involved working with the client to gather information about each region, their customer base, and their value proposition. It also involved getting deep into the data and predicting what the Google bots would do.


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The Challenge

A Not-So-Standard Website

As we tackled this challenge, we knew that the new CWC website would need to accomplish 4 things:

Built for UX

A big part of building a website is user expectation. In this case, we needed to put ourselves in the shoes of customers in Naples and St. Louis—two markedly different locations. There aren’t many palm trees in St. Louis, for example, and families in Naples rarely have to prepare for snow. This concern, to build trust with both audiences while creating a website that would appeal to users nation-wide, guided every design decision we made.

Built for SEO

Along with UX considerations, we needed the SEO chops to make sure the site would rank on Google. After all, building a beautiful site is worthless if no one sees it. So, how do you rank for roofing and exteriors in Naples, FL as well as St. Louis? We needed plenty of content that would emphasize regional details to engage audiences in both states.

Content that Would Convert

Content for this new site really needed to run the gamut from weather conditions, building materials, and types of roof construction in each state. Plus, we needed to use language that increased trust if people were going to engage and ultimately convert.

Making it All Work Going Forward

We knew that building the site would be just the beginning for this client. Adding layers and refining our SEO work based on the data never ends. That’s why we developed a long-term plan that would build on the foundation we established.

Jade McNear on CWC Roofing.

Liz on creating a website that speaks to both local and national audiences.

The Opportunity

CWC’s Reach and Work Ethic are Easy to Promote

The best thing about CWC Roofing is their well-established presence in the St. Louis region and, more recently, the Naples region. This is a brand with a great reputation and wide-ranging capabilities. They have the capacity, the collateral, and the experience to handle any roofing issue that comes up. Plus, they’re well-equipped to work with insurance claims and regional code requirements. Promoting a quality company is easy, and we were happy to do it.

THE SOLUTION| The Right Language, on the Right Pages

An Authentic, Natural Site for Users

From page layout to imagery, we worked with intention to make everything feel authentic and natural. We also made sure that the site would be easy for users to navigate. Finally, we added location hubs that would house content for each location.

Rebecca on the importance of clear UX

Rachel on content and organic ranks

Hubs for SEO

These location hubs were the answer to our SEO challenges. They allowed us to focus on each location. Over time, we could add unique pages that would provide information to clients in each region and speak Google’s language, too.

Content with Local Flavor and Strong Keywords

When it came to content, we focused on CWC’s experience and skill to promote their authority in this competitive market. We also took care with the details, making sure we were speaking to each region and being mindful of the keywords CWC wanted to target. Finally, we made the copy as simple and clear as possible, so that it would match the overall site design.

Holly Sinclair discusses speaking to two different audiences through content

Ongoing Efforts

These efforts gave us the foundation we needed to create something great and add to it, over time! We continue to write, tweak, and build to improve SEO and help this company grow.

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