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Boost Your Site's Traffic With Emails And SEOYou’ve put a lot of time into your company’s website. Are all of those hours of hard work paying off or are you unsatisfied with your site’s results? If you’re not practicing a specific email marketing strategy and a comprehensive SEO strategy, there’s a good chance that your site isn’t producing at a high level. With a dedicated email and SEO strategy, your site can produce a handsome return on investment.
Email marketing strategies are evolving. If your strategy isn’t keeping pace with the changing market, there’s a good chance you’re not generating traffic for your site and you aren’t converting on potential sales. If your message is being overlooked, deleted or falling into the dreaded spam folder, you’re missing out on a golden opportunity to show off your site and your message.
Your site may have an incredible layout and a pleasing design, but if no one is finding it through search engines it’s doubtful your site is serving its purpose. Make sure people can find you. SEO can be extremely confusing. Search engines are constantly changing their algorithms and keeping up with what works can be a complicated and exhausting process. Though SEO work can be challenging, it can be extremely beneficial as you funnel targeted users into your site.
That explains WHY you should make email marketing and SEO a major focus of your company, but what about the HOW? How can you ensure your emails are finding a user’s inbox? How can you boost your site’s position for a specific group of keywords? That’s where Seafoam Media comes in. We can design and develop email campaigns that make email work for you. We can boost your search engine presence. We’re here to generate traffic for you.

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