Are you maximizing your social media accounts?

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Are you maximizing your social media accounts?Social media can be a tricky space for businesses to operate in. Most companies have an account, but few know how to make the most out of their presence in the digital space. Are you maximizing your social media accounts or are you just going through the motions? A poor social media strategy can cause more harm to your business than good.
Whether your company is already up and running or just starting out in the world of social media, it’s important to tread carefully. Your social media accounts shouldn’t be viewed as a place to broadcast messages to anyone who will listen. It should be viewed as a risky, yet rewarding avenue to grow your business where you can create a stronger sense of brand identity and brand loyalty. A mismanaged or misguided social media strategy (one that’s robotic, spamming, etc.) is a wasted opportunity and it could have detrimental effects to your business.
You should have a dedicated social media strategy unique to your specific needs and industry. What you see working for someone else in a different field might not translate. What works in the medical field probably won’t work for a restaurant owner. It’s important that you take the time to outline who you are trying to connect with and what you hope to get out of your company’s social media presence. Set goals and stick to them.
Seafoam Media can help tailor your social media strategy and create content for your social media accounts in an effort to organically grow your audience. We understand that monitoring a social media account and posting regular updates is time consuming, so we’re ready to step in and take that responsibility off of your plate. If your company is broadcasting without a detailed plan, you might be damaging your brand’s image and turning away potential customers or clients. Don’t miss out on the benefits a strong, comprehensive social media campaign can provide.

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