3 Tricks for Getting More Online Conversions

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Person using laptop and credit card. 3 tricks for getting more online conversionsWhen it comes to online conversions, landing or product pages can be a tough puzzle to figure out. The smallest details can make a huge difference in how likely it is that your customer will follow through on form completions. Do things right, and you’ll see more user signs up, leads generated, and ultimately sales. Make a mistake, and your conversion rate could resemble something more akin to a graveyard. Therefore, in order to maximize your success, what are the elements you need to be looking at and optimizing?

Use these 3 tips to increase online conversions:

1. Cut back on the amount of customer information you ask for

There once was a time where data input fields resembled something like this:
online conversions: an input field with too many inputs
In fact, there are still plenty of landing pages with form fields like this! Here’s a test you can use: whenever your form field takes more than 10 seconds to fill out, you should cut back on the amount of information you ask for. Often times, a name and email address will suffice. You may ask for a phone number too. Don’t worry about the rest of the information—you can always get that later once you’ve generated a solid lead and reach out.

2. Use a top-down style when labeling

Eye tracking studies have shown that customers find it easier to fill out a form when the names of the labels are located just above the text entry. According to the study, “Placing a label right over its input field permitted users to capture both elements with a single eye movement.” Essentially, you want your form fields to look like this: Online conversions label position

3. Make your CTA buttons more prominent

One strategy we like to employ with landing page design is to have multiple call to action buttons that are easy to see. This gives your visitor a button they’ll immediately come across when they hit your page, and one if and when they hit the bottom of your page. Modern landing page design compels us to want something to click, and as consumers, we generally make a decision within a few seconds as to whether we’re going to take action. Because of this, it’s important to make your button as easy to find and click as possible. Choose bright colors and a size that is big enough, but not too big to the point of being obnoxious.
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